What we believe 

The Samaritan Counseling Centers of the Mid-South offer a ministry of healing to those seeking a balance of emotional, relational and spiritual health. Responding to the psychological and educational needs of individuals, families, couples and groups by providing an environment of compassion and confidentiality in which feelings are honored, values are upheld, and resources are available to ensure that financial limitations never preclude care.

Who we Are …

The Center has provided more than 40,000 hours of psychological services to more than 7,000 clients since 1981. More than one and a half million dollars’ worth of charitable services to the community have been provided by the Center in its fifteen years of service. In 2002 the Center raised about $250,000 in donations, covering about 35% of the Center’s budget. The Center delivered approximately 6,400 hours of counseling services to over 1,000 people in 2002, and provided consultation and education services to another 1,000 people through 29 different events.

Most of the Center’s clients pay reduced fees for services because of financial or insurance limitations.

Since 1987, the Samaritan Counseling Centers of the Mid South has been committed to providing professional counseling services and educational programs to all in our community who are in need without regard for their financial situation. Our wellness-oriented philosophy emphasizes achieving a balance of emotional, relational and spiritual health.

These services are delivered through a dedicated staff of clinical professionals who respond to the psychological and spiritual needs of individuals, families, couples and groups by providing counseling and crisis intervention services in an environment of compassion and confidentiality where the feelings of those we serve are honored and their values are upheld.

Our Vision…

Our vision is to work collaboratively with for-profit and non-profit organizations, both locally and nationally, to make The Samaritan Counseling Centers of the Mid-South the most recognized community resource for the restoration of emotional, relational and spiritual health of those in need without regard for their financial circumstances.

We believe that financial limitations should not preclude any person from receiving needed care so the fees for our services are based on circumstances of the individual, income and family size. Our ability to provide these services are made possible thanks to the contributions from community partners, our generous individual donors and our active community fundraising activities throughout the year.