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Don Anderson

Don Anderson has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2006.  He received his Master’s Degree in Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research from The University of Memphis in 2003.  While Don has spent most of his Counseling career in private practice, he has also worked in facilities that focus on treating addiction.

Don is originally from Buffalo, NY.  Prior to becoming a therapist, he worked as a Systems Analyst and taught computer classes at The University of Memphis.  Don has lived in Memphis since 1996.  He is a single dad with 2 adopted sons.  Don has extensive experience with LGBTQ+ issues and is LGBTQ+ affirming.

Don has a background in family systems, addiction, codependency and trauma.  He works with behavioral addictions (sex, relationship, work, gambling, high risk, power and control) as well as substance addictions (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, food).  He is very familiar with codependency and relational dynamics.  He works with both developmental (from the family system) and event trauma and PTSD.  He works well with children and adolescents but approaches from a systems prospective (i.e. we have to change the system to support the child).  Don approaches couples counseling similarly.

Don Specializes in treatment of:

  • Adults,
  • couples
  • families.

He utilizes experiential and somatic methods to help clients recognize and express feelings, process and integrate traumatic experiences, and develop a sense of self worthy of their respect and care.  From this place we can be healthy and successful in relationship.